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Home Studio, Atlanta, GA 2020

Rain Sky Home Decor, was founded in 2018, St. Louis, MO. Now located in Atlanta, Georgia, Owner and Designer Asia Clayborne is committed to curating pieces that celebrate culture and partnering with organizations that share a passion for community. Our Africa Coasters and Tic Tac Toe Africa Collection are both original collections, designed in our in home studio. Cultural art. Designed to function as art and decor. 

"My vision in the coming years, is to partner with Charitable Organizations that resonate with my core values and my ability to overcome challenges as a former foster/adoptive youth. I want our community of growing supporters to feel empowered through every purchase; knowing we are doing our part to uplift the most underrepresented and vulnerable among us. 


As we continue to grow our e-commerce brand, I see Rain Sky Home becoming a physical space and store for creatives and artists of all mediums: to create, network and grow their brands. As we work diligently to build our own legacy, we understand the many challenges creative brands face operating home based businesses. Being a newcomer to the beautiful city of Atlanta, we are excited to become ingratiated into the community and empower those committed to achieving excellence."

-Asia, CEO & Designer

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