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Black Restaurant Week: Dallas 2019

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

We recently learned one of the Owners of Black Restaurant Week purchased from our Africa Coasters Collection earlier this year. So, what an amazing announcement for us to be an official Partner for Black Restaurant Week, Dallas 2019. Rain+Sky Home and Black Restaurant Week: The perfect pairing to celebrate food, art and culture!🌹

October 13-20th, you can enjoy some of the best cuisine, from some of the top chefs this country has to offer! This is an amazing opportunity to support Black Excellence in Culinary 🌹

Dallas, head over to dfwbrw.com to learn more!


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Black Restaurant Week, LLC is committed to the education and awareness of the Black Culinary Industry in the United States of America. Using a combination model of awareness and education events, Black Restaurant Week will stimulate growth of African American owned culinary businesses and farms across the United States. To achieve its mission of growth in the culinary industry, Black Restaurant Week aims to create experiences that will cater to a diverse culture of tastemakers, professionals and area foodies looking for exposure to delicious food and exquisite wines.


Black Restaurant Week, LLC was established in Houston, Texas, in the spring of 2016. The model was a proven success with over $50,000 of revenue generated in the Houston economy through black owned restaurants. This success has opened the door for expansion to other markets across the United States. Our goal is to broaden our model nationwide to provide awareness of the Black Culinary industry which is a key ingredient to the American culture.


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