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Family Matters: Behind the Scene

Updated: Aug 17

This blog was meant to serve as an outlet for us to share an in depth view on the inspiration behind our collection. But, today, I wanted to share something more personal.

As many of you know, we are a small team, and by small, I mean ever single piece in our collection is handmade by myself and my fiancé (BJ), who also does his best to handle all customer inquiries. Over the past month, we've both been devastated by losses in our families and news of our(my) mothers declining health and ongoing hospitalization.

We have been planning back and forth travels from St. Louis (our hometown), to our home here in Atlanta. All while preparing our children to return to school, in the midst of a still, ongoing Pandemic. It has been a struggle mentally and in some cases physically to balance both personal and business, but we do our best. Earlier today, we learned my fiancé's grandmother passed. The matriarch of his family, has gone home. I finally feel the need to release some of this pressure and be clear in my message. You never know what people are dealing with behind the scenes.

We are more than a product.

As much as I take pride in my brand, my original work, and designs, I need to be clear. We are more than a product. More than any misstep, any flaw or any delay.

As important as it is to communicate; it is often difficult to let you all know when we are going through a "tough time". We've had our share of delays during this pandemic. From our shipping boxes arriving weeks late, to the supplies we use to create each piece arriving late. Though many have been extremely understanding, there are some that feel as though the effects of the Pandemic have ended and things should be back to normal. The reality is things have been far from normal for over a year, for businesses AND families all over the world. Even worse, none of us know when we will begin to see that light at the end of the tunnel, but, we must carry on even when the load gets heavy.

This past month in particular; has been even heavier.

Some days feel normal and productive, and some days, its hard to focus. It's hard to post "content" when your mind is so heavy. To scroll your timeline and see bad news after bad news;it gets to be too much at times. We are human. We are proud of our humble beginnings, we are proud to be doing this together, to be in love, and building a legacy for our children, but, we know that is takes a TEAM. Bigger than us. And with will the love and support of our community we know in God's timing we will grow to unimaginable heights. We live for the day we can secure a beautiful studio to work from, hire employees and create jobs in our community, and, have a dedicated team to step up, especially on the days... it gets hard.

We will be traveling back and forth to our hometown over the next few months, to lay his grandmother to rest, and to care for my mother while she remains hospitalized, and when she is released.

We will continue working and getting out orders. More than anything, I want those that genuinely support us to know we are here, we are always working, and always present, even if we aren't always "posting"..

We will do our best to communicate any unforeseen delays; all we can truly ask for is your continued patience and prayers during this time.

RIP Mrs Laura Shirley and my condolences to the entire Shirley Family.


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