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Shipping Schedule and Updates

Our standard processing time is 4-6 weeks (This information can be found on our product pages, during checkout, about our collection page, and order confirmation emails).

We are currently experiencing a delay due an ongoing family medical emergency and will be continuing to process and ship orders; though at a slower pace. We thank you for your understanding during this time. If your order has been delayed please see the schedule below. Shipping emails will be updated and sent as we continue to process all active and previously delayed orders.

Upcoming Shipment Schedule

  • Currently Shipping all remaining orders through 3.21.22

  • **Pre-Shipment emails for orders through 4.5 have been sent.

Upcoming Ship Dates

  • Monday May 9th UPS DROP OFF (Remaining orders - 3.21)

  • Tuesday May 10th UPS DROP OFF (Remaining orders - 3.21)

  • Wednesday May 11th UPS DROP OFF (Remaining orders - 3.21)

  • Thursday May 12th UPS DROP OFF (Remaining orders - 3.21)

  • Friday May13th UPS DROP OFF (Remaining orders - 3.21)

  • Saturday May14th UPS DROP OFF (Remaining orders - 3.21)

  • Sunday May 15th OUT OF OFFICE

Please feel free to check this post weekly for any new updates, as we will continue to keep you updated on our current progress! Check our FAQ page for more

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M--F 10:00AM - 5:00PM

Please allow up to 72 hours for a response if needed.

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