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*Important Updates: Shipping, Delivery, restock and more.

Updated: May 18

Please read the following for important updates and information regarding delivery delays due to Covid-19.


Q: When will my order ship?

A: As of March 1st, 2020, our shipping schedule was extended to 5-15 business days. Your order will ship within 5-15 business days as outlined on our product pages under "Shipping Policy", as well as noted in your order confirmation emails and receipts. We will respond to all email inquiries concerning any orders that have exceeded this shipping window. Please relay all emails to our Customer Service Team customerservice@rainskyhome.com

Q: Is this collection kept in stock?

A: No, each piece is carefully produced and made to order. This collection is not kept in stock.

Q: I am in Atlanta, can I just pick up my order?

A: We do not currently offer local pick up options and are continuing to practice social distancing despite plans to re-open in the State of Georgia. Our community, and safety are priority.

Q: I am ordering to gift in time for a friends birthday/anniversary/house warming etc. Can I receive my item sooner?

A: We appreciate you considering our collection for gifting for these special occasions. Due to the noted delivery delays with USPS, As of March 1st, 2020 we cannot guarantee delivery times. We have elected not to offer express shipping options as these services are also experiencing delivery delays. We do not want our clients to incur extra costs when we have observed these delays with First Class Mail, Priority, and Express Shipping. Learn More via USPS

Q: I received my tracking email but there is no update on the tracking number? My tacking has been in "Pre-Shipment" status for several days. What does this mean and when will my package arrive?

A: Our team has purchased your label, and your order has been packaged and is now ready for shipping. Once your item is in "Pre-Shipment" status it will be dropped off to our local USPS within 1-2 days. Please note: Due to Covid-19 USPS has been extremely overwhelmed with deliveries and has noted these delivery delays. So, what does this mean? Your package may take several days, and, in extreme cases a week or more before it is processed and scanned by USPS, leaving your package in "Pre-Shipment" status. This is understandably frustrating for you as a client, as well as for us as a business. This does not mean we are still in possession of your item, once the label has been purchased. We are a reputable business, and we will continue to operate as such. We have been transparent since the beginning of the Pandemic, to allow our clients to make informed purchases before shopping this collection. We wholeheartedly understand if because of these noted delays, you choose not to purchase at this time. We are implementing new strategies, and have recently have hired new team members to combat these severe delays.

Q: When will my package be delivered?

A: Once USPS is in possession of the item, we cannot give exact delivery dates and it is up to USPS to update the tracking with an expected delivery date. You can learn more about USPS delivery delays here: https://faq.usps.com/s/article/USPS-Coronavirus-Updates-Expected-Delivery-Changes

Q: I noticed some collections are no longer in stock? When will they be restocked?

A: In an effort to combat some of the delays our clients have experienced over the past month, we have decided to mark these collections as limited quantity. Allowing only a certain amount of pieces to be sold per week. Though we cannot control the delivery delays, we are making an effort to get back to our normal shipping schedule of 3-5 Business Days. This will not happen over night, but, we are confident within the coming weeks we can achieve this goal. We have added a new member to our team, to help curate this collection, and will be consistently working to get each order shipped! We are also excited to add new pieces to our collection, and we will send out an email with restock updates and new product alerts.

We have received a tremendous amount of support, and we are grateful to those who have been patient and understanding during this process. We do hope that this “Q&A” was helpful in relaying our observation over the past month in regards to delivery delays and what to expect.

We thank you and appreciate you!

Please Stay Safe

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