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Shipping Schedule *Update*

In our two years of operation, one things we can GUARNANTEE our clients, is we have never, not shipped an order! So, again, we THANK YOU, each and every one of you for supporting our brand and continuing to trust us.

Q: What This Means for My Oder?

This simply means, your package may arrive a few days later than we originally expected. We are based in Atlanta, and like many of you, we are in a city that was issued a "Stay at Home" order. We have always taken pride in being a Handmade brand. Not only that, we have been committed to supporting other local/small business vs shopping major retailers. Many of the stores we frequent for our supplies to create these pieces have unfortunately been forced to close as they are considered "non essential". We are now purchasing our supplies from major retailers and having these supplies shipped. Thus, adding a few additional days to our overall process. We are still so fortunate to have the ability to create these pieces, even with the shutdowns. For this we are thankful and we hope that as our clients, you are not only supporting these amazing pieces, but you are also here to support us as small business owners. We are a community and now more than ever, we need each other, so we thank you for your understanding, and your commitment to supporting small owned brands!

We will continue to make weekly updates on our IG page and blog! Stay safe

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