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The Power Of Community

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Rain+Sky Home Decor Launched February, 2018.

My goal has always been to encourage my children, and everyone around me to pursue their dreams, and take pride in their creativity and community. I realized, in order to accomplish this, I needed to first, re-discover my own creativity and path. -Asia Clayborne, Owner & Designer.

We have embarked on this Entrepreneurial Journey with a mission in mind; one that has taught us perseverance and patience . We are beyond humbled and proud of the accomplishments we have made thus far in our first year, and we are confident with the support of our community we will achieve greatness.

In 2018-2019, Rain+Sky Home successfully collaborated with three amazing black owned brands to have their pieces featured in our store. With you support, we can continue to collaborate and build with like-minded businesses who share the same values and commitment to uplifting their communities.

We have created something truly unique with our Africa Coaster Collection and our upcoming Luxury Furniture Pieces. These one of a kind pieces are our original designs, and, with your help we can have complete protection over our designs and take our brand to amazing new heights. -Asia Clayborne, Owner & Designer

Please show your support and join us on our journey! This is a wonderful opportunity for you to empower and support a Small Black Owned Brand. Your support is greatly appreciated and we look forward to having you join our community!

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