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The Urban Twist: An Interview with Owner and Designer, Asia Clayborne of Rain+Sky Home Decor

Asia Clayborne, Owner and Designer of Rain+Sky Home Decor at The Historic Kress On Dexter

When The Urban Twist contacted us to do an interview, this was an opportunity we couldn't pass up. As a growing brand, it is often an uphill climb for relevancy in a world full of established creatives. However, this interview was an example of what the "Power of Community", a determined woman, and a unique collection can achieve.

Former Working Place of Civil Rights Acvtivist, Rosa Parks. Now Home to Previal Union Coffee House on Dexter

We sat down with CEO of The Urban Twist, Brennen Jones to discuss our highly sought after Africa Coasters Collection, future plans, and the inspiration behind all that is Rain+Sky Home Decor

“Our Africa Coasters are a testament to the beauty of Africa and the beauty of our people. The beauty that often goes unnoticed, but when you see our pieces you realize; it is a beauty like no other. They truly have become the statement pieces in our clients’ homes.”

"Support is so needed and necessary, and I’ve learned on this journey, it is just as rewarding to give it, as it is to receive it.”

We want to thank the wonderful team over at The Urban Twist, and their CEO Brennen Jones for sharing with us the same passion for culture and community, and for giving us a platform to be heard.

Catch The Full Interview Here!


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