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Luxury Merino Hand Knit Throw Blanket. 

This item is Handmade by Rain+Sky in Atlanta, GA USA. Merino wool is the finest of wool, making this blanket incredibly luxurious. Cuddle in it's warm embrace or drape it decoratively over your bed, chair or sofa. It is perfect for keeping warm. Merino is what you call a “4 season fiber” due to its natural ability to regulate body temperature and moisture. Making Merino odor resistant and perfect all year long. Think of an item made with Merino Wool the same way as you would your favorite Cashmere sweater or a high end designer suit, it will become a staple for your home! Hand knit blankets are a looser style knit which gives the unique look of soft gentle lines and textures. For additional details: Please read Care Instructions and Owners Message*.


Comes in 4 Color Options


  • Light Heather Gray
  • Dark Gray
  • Ivory
  • White



Approximately 40x75 exact size will vary due to nature of textile. Lays perfectly as a bed runner and provides great warmth and coverage as a throw for an adult. **See product video for visual



Please fill out the contact form here ONLY for custom color and size requests. Additional Fees may aply to custom orders.

Dry Clean Only. Special care is required. No agitation, no heat. It is important to find a cleaner experienced in cleaning without extreme heat, if they clean high end suits and wool sweaters often, they will likely know what to do. Pilling and felting over time is a natural occurrence, part of the aging process and definitely not a defect. Enjoy the beauty of your blanket as it morphs over time into a cherished and loved fixture in your home! 100% Pure Merino is delicate and meant to be treated as the investment that it is. Enjoy it!


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Rain+Sky Luxe Merino Throw

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  • We want our customers to be knowledgeable about your new luxury item. Please view the "Owners Message" section and enjoy these helpful videos on cleaning and care of your Merino Wool Blanket, Aging, and expectations. 



    Cleaning and Care Video 1

    Expectations and Care Video 2



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