Special Edition: Paradise Blue Africa Coasters

Special Edition: Paradise Blue Africa Coasters

Our customers have not only purchased these for their homes and office, but, are purchasing our Africa Coasters for wonderful housewarming gifts, dinner parties and celebrations, engagement/anniversary, birthday gifts & so much more!

When you think of Africa, we want you to think of Paradise! Featuring our NEW signature color. "Paradise Blue". The plant Indigofera Tinctoria which produces a "blue" dye grows wild in almost every part of the African Coast. Indigo has been used for centuries in African Culture as a symbol of peace and wealth.

Each coaster is designed by Artisan and Owner Asia Clayborne. Our luxurious coasters feature a gold trim with a high gloss epoxy finish for maximum protection. The bottom of each coaster features a custom fitted felt backing. Our Africa coasters are one of kind, handmade luxury gifts. (To learn more view info section below)

Business Orders
We are currently accepting order from: Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Lounges, and Special Events. Please provide your business information and email info@rainskyhome.com . Only authorized sellers will have access to wholesale purchasing.

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We do accept exchanges for any product that has been damaged during the shipping process or if you have received the wrong item/color. Please contact us within 24 hours of delivery. Email customerservice@rainskyhome.com with all inquiries.


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